Dieses Tablet ist bis dato nur eine Designstudie, aber laut Entwickler soll es angeblich ab Juni 2011 um 99$ angeboten werden – for real! Es bleibt abzuwarten ob sich dies bewahrheitet oder es nur ein Fake bleibt.

THX Stefano und Harry

We would like to introduce you probably the simplest tablet device today. NoteSlate. Monochrome paper alike tablet device, where the simplicity and technology evolution meets pencil and paper again. This classic instrument in new consequences. Natural look and feel through basic digital image, 1-bit image. All that networked with human touch. This new context of the classic device, this evolution, brings this tablet out of borders of what we know as electronic computer.

In NoteSlate, the handwritten interactivity is trying to change the rules of what we called electronic paper. The hand and human touch is presented in all ways. Emotions expressed, ideas exposed, shared…. and Network changed.

This basic human cultural device, pencil and paper, now in new post-information age. NoteSlate device in most possible simplicity, compatibility and continuity as the basic key point for further development and communications.

Copy, share and communicate as you wish.

tablet device, 1-bit display, monochrome, 1 touch

low-technology, back to basics, raw screen, paper alike surface, slick body, paper look and feel

human touch, overwhelmed with technology, optional, just paper page

low power consumption, solar accessories, passive mode for displaying static pages… capacity 70.000 pages

culture continuity, technology aspects, communication and imagination


  • creativity
  • humanity
  • connectivity
  • open-source
  • open-hardware
  • development platform
  • development countries
  • open-society monetization
  • Freedom of future communications

The NoteSlate is trying to define the product itself, archetype, electronic paper. As simple as you wish.


more info:!/noteslate