Vintage Swing Pop aus England
Ich kannte die Band bis dato nicht, Babsi hatte mich darauf aufmerksam gemacht, weil sie per Treibhaus als “Tipp” gehandelt wurden. Nach einem kurzen Ausflug auf die Homepage der Puppini Sisters und nachdem ich die ersten Lieder per YouTube gehört hatte war mir klar – die müssen wir uns live ansehen!

Und wir wurden nicht enttäuscht, eine grandiose Darbietung!

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The Puppini Sisters – Mr. Sandman LIVE @ Treibhaus IBK

The Puppini Sisters – I Will Survive LIVE @ Treibhaus IBK

The Puppini Sisters are a musical trio specializing in 1940s-style close harmony vocal music. Arion Berger described them as part of “Retro’s futuristic vanguard” and described their sound as swing-punk due to its being louder and more in your face than traditional swing music. The group has sought to be associated with a burlesque revival.

The members are Italian Marcella Puppini and English Stephanie O’Brien and Kate Mullins. Although the three are not related, they chose their name in tribute to The Andrews Sisters. Puppini first studied fashion design at St. Martins School of Art, and later music at Trinity College of Music where she met Stephanie O’Brien and Kate Mullins. The Puppini Sisters are currently supported by a three-piece band featuring Blake Wilner on guitar, Pat Levett on drums/percussion and Henrik Jensen on upright bass.


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